Coil System, Supports, Pivot Shoes etc.

A quick learner from North Carolina says:
Hi Swisco!
Very excited to DIMyself!
Some questions before I purchase the parts...

1. PIVOT SHOE. How do you know when a pivot shoe should be replaced? All are old but seem to be working fine. Please see attached image and kindly confirm I should purchase Product Code: 15-111

2. COIL SUPPORT. Please see attached image for Q2.
2(a) looks like I will need to purchase 1/2" Coil Double Support; Product Code: 15-150...please confirm.
2(b) should I purchase bushings as well or is this only for other support systems

3. COIL.
3(a) Are there instructions or video as to which slot to attach the coil to the pivot shoe (i.e. the concern being does it matter whether the coil unwinds on the house face inside of the channel or on the outside face inside of the channel?)
3(b) in the picture, you can see that the inner circle of one coil is bigger than another. Is this just a matter of age (stretching/unwinding) or do I possibly have two different lbs. coils in each of my double supports? I see that the bottom coil says 6.5 lbs. but I cannot find a lbs. indicator on the top coil.

4. TRACK OPENING. The track opening on all my windows are about 0.25 short (that is, when removing my 3inch coil supports). Using a screwdriver to pry it the first support caused me to crack the coil support. While I understand I could purchase the jams, I am just a homeowner DIY. As the 2.75 inch opening is the same on all the windows, I'm wondering if there is a trick or possibly is insertion of the coil support just much easier than removal? Somehow the supports got in there when they were initially installed....just wondering.

5. PIVOT RETAINERS. Lastly, can you explain the necessity of the pivot bar retainers-trying to understand if they are indeed necessary. IF so, and if I am purchasing Product Code: 15-111 for shoes, kindly confirm that I should be purchasing Retainers Product Code: 15-149

Thanks so much and hope I was clear!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for posting, and for the great questions. I'll go through them one by one.

1. PIVOT SHOE. When a pivot shoe goes, you'll know. You really should replace them if they're worn down and no longer able to lock, or if they're simply brittle and broken. Yours look to be in good condition, but if you want to replace it, check out our 15-111 and see how that might do.

2. COIL SUPPORT. I actually think our 15-150D might be a better choice for the coil support. No bushings should be necessary for this type of support.

3. COIL. We don't have an instructional video for this particular system, but they would just hook inside the pivot shoe. No screws are necessary. I think yours might be our S160-6, but see if you agree. You would have to check the springs on the other side to get the other number on it. As for why the centers are different, I'd say it's because they're busted.

4. TRACK OPENING. Is there a cut out anywhere in the jamb? Look around carefully, especially near the top under the sash stop. If not, check out the videos at the bottom of this post to see the best way of removing your hardware.

5. PIVOT RETAINERS. 15-149 is a good choice, I think. It's a good thing to keep the spring intact.
A quick learner from NOrth Carolina says:
Hi Paul,
Thanks for all the information and all looks good.

Just a quick follow up to the concern regarding: does it matter whether the coil unwinds on the house-face inside of the channel or unwind on the outside-face inside of the channel?

Because the support is open on both sides enabling the coil to unravel house-face or outside-face inside the channel, coupled with the shoe having two sides to grab the coil...I'm just trying to understand if this phenomenon is to remove the concern I have.

Thanks again
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
No problem! The coil springs should be facing towards the track closest to you, so that you don't see them when moving the sash up and down.
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