Ryan Homes Patriot Window Tilt Sash Balance

A home owner from Charloggsville, VA 22903 says:
I have a house build by Ryan Homes in 2008. The documentation regarding the windows only states general cleaning and maintenance. It gives no model number, and I see no visible signs on the window or the channel balance that gives the model or description of the sash/window.

I am looking for a replacement channel balance. The ones on the window have a nylon string that almost reaches the top of the window, and it extends down into the channel where it attaches to the channel balance. The metal of the channel balance is 30 inches long, 1/2 inch wide, and 5/8" deep. A fitting connects to the sash pivot, a piece of metal that the protrudes from the bottom of sash about 1/2 inch. This plastic fitting is what is broken, as one of two has been strained to the point where its end has burst, and it consequently allows the channel balance to slip through its end point, aka loop. This end point is made of plastic, and a metal fitting sets inside this end point, and the metal fitting also connects exactly to the sash pivot so that in certain positions, the end point causes the channel balance to lock in place on the sash pivot. The opposite channel balance works correctly.

If you have a replacement part or parts to address this, please advise.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I'm having trouble visualizing what you have. It could be our Series 795 but I'm not sure. Have you looked through our Channel Balance Home Page yet? If not, I recommend starting there. If you still can't find it, please take a picture of your balance and we can work from there.
A home owner from Charlottesville, VA 22903 says:
I am away from the location where the window is, but I do have a photo of the broken part that attaches to the end of the metal channel. In the photo, the bottom item is the plastic part that fits on to the end of the metal channel. On the top is the metal part that fits to the sash pivot. The plastic part is broken at the left tip and the metal part fits in the opening below this tip. The white plastic is what holds the channel balance stationary in the track when the window is pivoted forward. At the bottom of the plastic part is a "hook" that attaches to a rivet on the metal channel. Do you have a replacement part? Or do I need to replace both channel balances? If so, do you have the replacement channel balances?
User submitted a photo of a balance shoe.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
That shoe resembles our 15-195, which is what comes with the Series 795 balance I mentioned. This may be what you want. Look over our details to confirm.
A home owner from Charlottesville, VA 22903 says:
Thanks. This looks like a match. I have ordered the shoe, and I will update the thread when received.
A home owner from Charlottesville, VA 22903 says:
The shoe 15-195 worked, but I had to "trim" it so that the "hook" that locks the shoe into the balance track fit. Since the body of the shoe is plastic, I was able to do this. I had to trim approximately 1/16" off the length at the top where the "hook" is located. Once this was done and the shoe was "rounded" behind the "hook" area, it fit nicely. The trimming was necessary because the distance from the end of the balance track to the holding rivet was shorter than the unmodified shoe required.
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